December Dress...I’m in LOVE!

Hey guys!! This week has been a week of dresses!!! I am typically a jeans and tee type of girl...OR a skirt and top all the way! But for some reason I have just been so into finding the perfect dress for my shape...and this dress oh myyyyyy I am in love! 

This past weekend I literally made a total of 3 December Dresses #aff by George and Ginger Patterns...I made a regular dress length, and a couple of tunics at different lengths. I found that with the dress length it felt a little more comfortable when I took about an inch or two off to fit my shape/style a bit more. The results were amazing and perfect for me. 

This dress is perfect for a night out or for everyday wear! I am totally planning to pair a cute pair of sneakers with this...and also a pair of jeans as well!! I'll be sure to write a blog post when I do! 

Alright sure to comment below if you make one...and tag me on IG or FB!!! Talk to you soon! 



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