Ordering Info

Please read this information BEFORE placing an order! I will make updates here when necessary!

  • No holds, no returns and no exchanges on custom items, UNLESS there is a fault on the shop's behalf.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take your measurements correctly, if you have questions on how to do this, please review the size chart! When in doubt, please reach out to me via email or FB messenger! 
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read EACH description carefully! All items are individual items, so please read EACHindividual description to ensure accuracy when placing your order! 
  • Most custom items will give you a range of sizes available. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you make a note in the checkout section of the site indicating the size you need, or LETTING ME KNOW THAT YOU ARE CHECKING YOUR MEASUREMENTS AND WILL GET BACK TO ME WITHIN 24 HOURS OF PLACING YOUR ORDER! ****NO EXCEPTIONS**** 24 HOURS OR YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED AND REFUNDED, AGAIN***NO EXCEPTIONS***
  • I only stock very limited yardage, so its important that when you place your order, you keep me updated! Others are in line for items, so we don't want to delay this process!
  • Please know that every body type is different, my XL may not look like your XL, I cannot guarantee the perfect fit on any item, for this reason you as the customer must bare the responsibility of taking your own measurements. AGAIN-please do not base my size or anyone else's size on your size, I will advise you of measurements only, but I WILL NOT take the responsibility of choosing for you! I hope you guys understand this! 
  • I appreciate each and every order and I want everyone to be pleased, so please help me by adhering to the policies above! ♥